Price tag.
Early bird: £1499 + flights (25 available)
Standard: £1599 + flights

Each rider’s fee covers their costs. It doesn't include a donation to any of the projects. We assure you, you're getting an incredible amount for the price.

Flights to Nairobi range from around £400-£600 from London. You will need to cover the cost of flights, visas, vaccinations and spending money.

Riders are expected to raise at least £1800 in fundraising, 100% of which goes to You will have the chance to see the impact of your fundraising first-hand on the last day of your adventure. Find out why this is important.

You’ll find a breakdown of the costs in the FAQ page.

Kitted out.

You’ll have to bring the determination and enthusiasm. We’ll provide everything else:

  • All food and drink
  • Great places to stay
  • Bottled water throughout
  • Snacks and sustinance
  • Two cycling jerseys
  • Ride Africa: Kenya T-shirt
  • One dry bag
  • Security en route
  • Transfers between stages
  • A medical team
  • Professional cycling support
  • A high-quality mountain bike
Photo credit: Jason Finch
Go even further

We have packages available for your company to sponsor Ride Africa: Kenya.

Own the road: bring a team of colleagues and clients on the trip of a lifetime, and see your logo on all marketing materials and merchandise. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate that your organisation is serious about changing the world for the better.

Contact us for details, and your company could be leading the pack in Kenya.

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