Real impact.

This incredible amount of money allowed to take our HealthStart programme to the next level. have now recruited a small team of smart young Kenyans to help them roll the programme out; and are in a position to reach far more than the 10,000 children they’re already helping.

Your dedication to training and fundraising for a ride like this can have a real impact on the communities work with, and help us to keep on removing obstacles for those who really need it.

It will be the hardest thing you do, but so so fun and totally worth it.

Ride Africa: Ghana 2016

All the kids come to the side of the road and wave at you and cheer you on. It’s really awesome.

Ride Africa: Ghana 2016

My favourite day was probably day 3: the hill day. Big hills, very hard work, lots of great morale building.

Ride Africa: Ghana 2016
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