Cape coast – Hohoe
18 – 26 November 2016
6 days of adventure.
500 km of pedalling.
Day 1
Cape Coast – Accra
That furious energy.

Frantic streets, busy people, life. You take to the roads of Ghana, absorbing everything this vibrant, colourful country has to throw at you. 100km done - so far so easy.

You’ll write home about…
Your first impressions - colours, smells, sounds - all of it.
Day 2
Accra – Ada Foah
That bold reality.

You emerge fast from bustling Accra, but the reality of the challenge begins to sink in. The words of encouragement from the rider beside you spur you on towards the oasis of sandy fishing village Ada Foah.

You’ll write home about…
Sea spray on aching legs.
Day 3
Ada Foah – Keta Peninsula
That wide-eyed weariness.

Lagoon on your left, ocean on your right, the day’s ride culminates in a late night beer on the beach. Later still, you watch a turtle hatch. Who needs sleep?

You’ll write home about…
Beautiful coastline and leatherback turtles.
Day 4
Keta Peninsula – Ho
That heart-aching grind.

Today you pedal uphill. It’s the day you find out what you’re capable of. You never expected this to be easy. As you reach the top of each hill you feel invincible. Onto the next.

You’ll write home about…
The feeling that you’ve earned it.
Day 5
Ho – Hohoe
That roaring resolve.

It’s your last day in the saddle and your euphoria at reaching 500k peaks as you reach Hohoe. The tears flow, as you look at your fellow riders and know that no-one back home is going to truly understand what today feels like.

You’ll write home about…
The new friends you have made.
Day 6
That blistering pride.

You think you know Ghana by now. You know that Ghana has changed you. Today you find out how you are helping change Ghana. You visit the projects that your fundraising will support.

You’ll write home about…
Seeing the difference that your fundraising is making.