Nairobi - Meru
450km of Pedalling.
6 Days of Adventure.
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The route

Ride Africa: Kenya 2019 will follow the most dazzling route we have ever planned. Get ready to feel like you’re riding through a nature documentary as you take in bustling cities, vast plains, national parks, lakes teeming with wildlife and a gruelling climb to the base of Mount Kenya.

450Km of epic cycling will end with a day in rural Meru, where you’ll discover first-hand how are transforming the fortunes of children by empowering the most important people in their lives: their mothers and grandmothers.

Our route is not guaranteed, and is subject to change based on weather conditions and your safety.
Day 1
Nairobi - Lake Naivasha
A pack of riders

Our pack of riders sets off from Nairobi with a spectacular view over the Rift Valley. You can see for hundreds of miles in every direction over the plains.

The world feels vast. Arriving at Lake Naivasha soothes you as you wallow with your fellow riders in the shelter of olive trees, spotting a bloat of hippos as they watch you from the cool water. First day of riding done.

You’ll write home about…
Your first impressions - colours, smells, sounds - all of it.
Day 2
The bustling city

The bustling, vibrant city of Nakuru assaults your senses. The fourth largest city in Kenya is gentrified around the edges and undeniably cosmopolitan.

Pause to sample the best of Kenyan food with your fellow riders and wave to the locals as you head on - the sound of the city fading to the crash of rhinoceros as you head deep into the National Park.

You’ll write home about…
The energy of a Kenyan city.
Day 3
Nakuru-Aberdare National Park
Riding high

You’ll earn those donations as you ride high along the equator. Your legs might be burning but at an altitude of 2000m, the air is cool here. Your blood thunders in your ears as you pause to take in the tranquility of Thomson Falls.

As the mist and the trees clear you end up face to face with a troop of ostriches, you can’t help but envy their muscular legs.

You’ll write home about…
The feeling that you've earnt it.
Day 4
Aberdare National Park-Nanyuki
A muster of peacocks

Today you'll cross the lush central highlands, riding through rural villages and green farmland in the crisp, cool air.

After an awesome lunch overlooking the Aberdare National Park (with some resident peacocks!) you'll carry on your journey towards Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa and the heart of this beautiful country.

You’ll write home about…
Seeing a different side of Kenya.
Day 5
The Pride (of lions)

As a rider, you’ll know the unspoilt beauty of the unbeaten track. As you skirt Mount Kenya, you’ll gaze out over jagged peaks and rolling views.

Nearing the end of your journey, you discover the true meaning of achievement as you enter Lewa Wildlife Conservancy together on your bikes. Who will be the first to spot the big five?

You’ll write home about…
Unparalleled nature and the friends you’ve made.
Day 6
A warm welcome

A dazzle of zebras still have the power to amaze you, but the final day of the ride brings another perspective. Witness the way that use fundraising money to transform lives in rural Kenya, and your jelly-legs will feel worth it.

After 450 Km of cycling, you’ll still find the energy to celebrate with your new pack of friends - nobody puts on a welcome like the women of rural Meru.

You’ll write home about…
Seeing the difference that your fundraising is making.
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